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“Tutto finisce a Taralli & vino ”
It’s an old Pugliese saying that means no matter what the discussion,
it can be resolved over a glass of wine and a handful of Taralli.

“Taralli” are products which have descended from the times of the Roman Empire. Julius Cesar considered baking very significant to their culture so he established a foundation of very privileged organizations for bakers. One region of Italy where this practice is still carried out today is Puglia, specifically the city of Altamura in the providence of Bari. Baking in Altamura is still considered a fundamental art respected through all of Italy.

The Clemente family born and raised in Altamura have brought their traditional baking experience to the United States. Included in their memories from home were the simple recipes that enhance the palate with flavor and goodness. One of the most familiar tastes was a traditional snack known as “Taralli ”.

“Taralli ” are made from all natural ingredients and genuine experience. Accompanied by technology, Clemente Biscottificio makes it possible for all to enjoy this family tradition. Clemente products are produced in a wide variety of flavors in the United States in South Hackensack, New Jersey.


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